Sencia Track was developed to be extremely flexible and can be customized to handle the unique needs of each organization it is setup for. This means that each setup of Sencia Track is unique to each client. Provided on this page are just a few examples of how Sencia Track can be customized to manage, track and create reports for various data in vastly different industries.


Sencia Track helps build client and employee relationships

Client & Employee Management

To maximize revenues and client relationships, you need a complete multi-channel profile of your customers. With Sencia Track, you can keep track of all current and prospective clients, employees, and even suppliers. Create unlimited date and time stamped notes for each contact to keep track of important conversations, commitments, and meeting notes. Advanced tools let you easily create email lists for specific user groups, as well as printable address labels and print-friendly reports.

Real Estate Properties

In the Real Estate Industry, it’s important to keep track of data such as; MLS#s, pricing, location details and lot information. Sencia Track helps make it easy for real estate companies to input and record property information. By combining Sencia Track with your SIMS website, automatic synchronization makes it easy to update your clients with new property details on your website.

Sencia Track to manage Real Estate Properties

Sencia Track can be used to track inventory

Product Catalogues

Sencia Track can record and manage important data for thousands of company products, as well as provide detailed and customized reports on; stock, sales, orders, and more. By combining Sencia Track with SIMS, we can develop an advanced online product catalogue provide your consumers with an up-to-date list of available products, and order forms that sync back to your Sencia Track.

Vehicle Dealerships

As a car dealership, it’s important to keep accurate and detailed reports on each and every vehicle that enters or exits your lot. Client relationships and trust are key to making the final sale and to increasing profits. With Sencia Track, we can help you keep track of; vehicle details, salespersons, test drives, and sales, including buyers and sellers. By combining Sencia Track with SIMS, we can develop a complete and dynamic dealership website with automated notifications on new vehicle listings, and more.

Dealership Vehicles Sencia Track